The Island of the Mind – Grace

I never know what to think when I think of the normality of some of the things we did together. The bland, uneventful parts of everyday life that passed us almost without any notice- going to the supermarket, driving down the same road we drove every day by our house, making a pot of coffee. […]


When in 2009 our eyes met in the check in line from Bangkok to Bali we instantly both knew and felt we had to meet each other. And so we did; directly from the airport we found and shared a nice hotel which was the kickoff of 2 weeks enjoying everything Bali has to offer; […]

In Loving Memory of Luuk Dullaert

Christopher Buttons On May 13th 2016 a dear friend passed away…. Luuk Dullaert. I met him in Shanghai 2011 and had so many good times together in China and Australia. In the short time I knew him I would have to say one of the nicest people I had the pleasure to meet….Its been tough […]