In Memories

When in 2009 our eyes met in the check in line from Bangkok to Bali we instantly both knew and felt we had to meet each other. And so we did; directly from the airport we found and shared a nice hotel which was the kickoff of 2 weeks enjoying everything Bali has to offer; not only surfing and partying the whole island but also having great discussions for hours building the fundament of our close friendship. I had experienced some tough years and to become radiant again I went on a 7 week journey to Asia. It was you who was brought there by the universe who picked me up and showed me how to enjoy life again. Thank you for that. Many people need 20 yrs to experience the fullest of a friendship like ours, we did it in 2 weeks. Although after yesterday today was a new day for me you should have never left team Postive my special friend. Your song “Follow the sun” will remain in my heart picturing you.